Working with the 2nd largest food and beverage company in the world comes with a fast pace and high demand for excellence at every level. In these times of great change for continued economic growth, companies strategize and morph to stay ahead of the curve, remain innovative, and stretch the vision to meet the current demands while reaching beyond to realize the vision of its future.

Meetings are essential to assemble and unite the workforce, and face of our business, behind a common plan, and to ignite the teams’ and individuals’ creativity to execute that plan while inspired by the vision of their leadership.

An effective meeting unites, inspires, empowers, gives vision, tools, morale, and if rendered effectively, can drive results like no webinar or memo can. It’s an investment with expected return.

I would entrust such an event/investment only to the experience, expertise, savvy, and excellence of Karen Segee, President of All That & More Special Events (AT&M). AT&M’s mantra is “Yes, is the answer.” But one can only say, “Yes”, if they are willing to listen, and eager to serve. One can only say, “Yes”, if they are confident they can deliver. AT&M goes beyond saying, “Yes”, however, they say “Yes” before they even know the question! Now that kind of commitment and service is rare to find!

In working with Karen and her staff the last 6+ years, the bar of excellence has not only been met, but raised. Customer service, customer care, customer understanding, and customer vision – everything they touch is customer-centric. Our needs are met before we know we need anything. Our wishes granted beyond what we knew we could have. Such service brings peace, confidence, and excitement. Such expertise, wards off error, and refines the gleam of every element of a meeting, leaving the customer to focus on the purpose and the people of the meeting, not the planning.
AT&M Special Events has mastered the art of leadership through refined and polished customer service.
She says, “Yes, is the answer.”, and I say, “Thank God for Karen!”
Mignonne Hidalgo

As a fairly large but extremely frugal company we used to do most of our event planning in house as we felt that we could utilize our own resources to design and execute sales events and save a lot of money.

As the events grew larger it was time to entertain the services of a professional Event Planning business. We decided to commission AT&M Special Events to handle some of our functions. Without a doubt it was a great choice. Karen has a very pleasing personality and she has the contacts that enable her to negotiate deals that allow her to get bulk discounts.

Not only was the service great but the cost was certainly better than we could manage on our own.
Jim Eldredge, Director - Product Management & Business Dev., Sears Home Services - Home Improvements

Karen is my secret weapon for all my events.From initial concepts, through contracting and event completion and follow up she has become my Virtual V.P. of Events Planning. I have consistently and happily recommended her to others looking to put together outstanding events, and I always tell them, "Before you do anything, call Karen first... she will keep you from making expensive mistakes; and she will recommend creative ideas and possibilities that you would have never dreamed of yourself." I recommend her to you with my highest endorsement. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.
Mark Hendricks, Hunteridge, Inc./ISS

AT&M Special Events is a very reliable and dependable business whose services I have utilized for many different projects. I can feel comfortable in knowing that when I put the task in her hands that I can forget about it from there and move on to the next task at hand. Besides her upbeat personality, commitment, loyalty to her clients, professionalism, and creativity, she has the ability to turn a rock into a diamond. You'll never believe it until you see it yourself; take my word.
Robyn Albert, Banfi Vintners

Working for one of the top consumer product companies in the world, our pace is rapid and ever changing. Karen Segee of AT&M Special Events is my go-to person for handling small personal functions to large high-level corporate events. In working and getting to know Karen personally over the last eight years, and learning of the many challenges she has faced in her life, her story and positive nature are inspiring. Karen’s passion for life and faith carries over in building solid relationships, wide-reaching resources and enforces her strong work ethic. In collaborating with Karen, I’m confident her tenacious negotiating skills, knowledge of the industry and high level of service ensures every event is of the highest standards. Karen is the embodiment of “Yes is the answer” and strives to consistently raise the bar. Not only does she envision the bigger picture, she realizes the importance of the smallest details and preferences of individuals. Overall, Karen is invaluable, and I consider myself blessed to have her as a colleague and most importantly my friend.
Patricia Lucas

With more than 225 years of worldwide business, Mack Rides and Europa Park have a long and rich history of attending to each individual’s personal taste and desires. Your (ATM's) kind and attentive organization of our time in Orlando was appreciated by myself and so many others.
It's not always easy to organize an evening from as far away as 6 time zones, however the evening passed without sign of the difficulties that lay in the way. I thank you so much and wish you every success in your future endeavors.
Michael Mack, Member of the Executive Board, Europa-Park Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack OHG Europa-Park Straße 2

I have had the pleasure of working with Karen Segee & ATM Special Events on numerous events in the past ten years! Karen is the consummate professional – starting with the initial consultation, through the creative process to the execution of the event. Her knowledge of the market, her relationships with hoteliers and vendors, her attention to detail is unparalleled. With Karen, customer service is key – and each and every client – no matter how large or small the budget - is treated the same! ATM Special Events equals an extraordinary event.
Joanne C. Grant, President Jade Production Group, Inc.

We used to plan our own meetings and conferences in Florida, St. Louis and other locations around the country. We thought we were doing a good job booking our own events and hotels. We did feel at times we were getting nickeled and dimed by the hotels and paying too much, but what did we know.
If we asked for Internet, Screens, Podiums & Microphones or anything extra, the hotels would add extravagant charges. We once were charged $450 for a projector I could have bought for less.

Then everything changed. We met Karen Segee with AT&M Special Events; it was like finding a white knight, the protector of the weak. She’s the epitome of a consummate professional. She negotiated with the hotel and our costs were significantly lower. Half if not more. She was able to waive so many other fees. Once she took over, the hotels never came back and nickeled and dimed us

We got amazing rates we never thought possible but AT&M “All That & More” Special Events fought the hotels for us. Amazing. She made sure they didn’t take advantage of us ever again (of course we still use them) It was like having a big sister protecting us from the bullies. Karen Segee sets up our entire conferences, negotiates our room rates, reduces meeting room rental rates and negotiates other concessions we never thought were negotiable.

We will never ever book another conference without the help of AT&M Special Events and Karen Segee. We’d be foolish to do so and would have to pay more.
Elsom Eldridge, EE Consults

Impeccable from start to finish. Your event will be remembered as something beyond special. Nowhere on earth will you find a professional who will invest more precious heart and masterful mind into every detail in order to make your event EXCEPTIONAL. If you want someone passionate about creating a memorable experience, look no further. Karen Segee and AT&M Special Events … well… mere words cannot adequately express how grand your event & how deeply blessed you will be.
JoAnn Spoto, VIP Client Manager, Academy Planning Group

Testimonial you want? She’s known by all, respected by many and desired by most. Oh a professional one. I have known Karen Segee for over 15 years through the hospitality industry and associations. She is very professional, detailed and conscientious about cost. Karen has always shown leadership and loved by all that know her and work with her.
Dave Peters, President Event Mall USA, President Absolute Amusements, President at Flip Movies, President at Fliptastic Photo, President at PopNoggins

When it comes to my events I have to know my event planner is top shelf all the way. Nothing can slip through the cracks. Such is the case with Karen Segee. From the very first event Karen helped me with to our current event, I have been over the top happy. Karen is exceptional in her customer care, attention to details and passion for what she does. Karen works in harmony with all parties involved in an event from the hotel staff, banquets, my team and me. Without hesitation I highly, highly, highly recommend Karen Segee and the entire All That and More team for your event planning needs.
Kathleen Gage, President, Street Smarts Marketing

Karen Segee of AT&M have made producing an event so much easier than it's ever been. Almost all of the headaches have been removed and we can feel good knowing we are getting the best deal with a great property. And when/if things DO go wrong, Karen and her team go to bat for us. We HIGHLY recommend AT&M.
Michael Angier, President and founder of

What makes Karen the consummate meeting professional and hotel partner is she leads her client through the entire event planning process and brings to the hotel an educated, knowledgeable prepared client.

Her personal involvement with every detail of the contract negotiation to the final bill review ensures every client she represents a successful event where every expectation is not only met but exceeded.

It is rare to find a meeting planner so committed to the successful meeting experience for the individual attendee, the hotel, its staff and anyone involved in ensuring the success of the event. Any client Karen brings to the hotel is fortunate to have the ultimate event facilitator. Her clients through the entire event planning process with grace and finesse. From the contract negotiations, to the final bill review, Karen’s personal involvement ensures that the client’s expectations are exceeded each and every time. AT&M handles all of the details towards a successful meeting experience for the meeting planner, the individual attendee, the hotel and it’s staff. AT&M Special Events is as their name would promise, all that and more!
Crystal Grice, Director of Social Catering, Rosen Centre Hotel

The Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport enjoys our partnership with ATM Special Events! We have worked with ATM’s President, Karen Segee, on several programs over the last four years, and it has been a great experience for our hotel. Karen is extremely knowledgeable about the dynamics of the hospitality industry, and blends her fierce representation of her client base, with a fair and always professional approach with her hotel partners. Our hotel has hosted numerous ATM events of 100-200 attendees. ATM’s communication is informative, all-encompassing, and detailed – Karen makes sure her client’s receive what they are looking for – and she sets up the hotel for success, so we can exceed the expectations of her clients. ATM epitomizes the success which results from satisfied clients, partnered with hotels able to provide exceptional guest experiences.
Linda Montgomery, Director of Sales, Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport, "The Place to Meet"

Tenacious, meticulous, creative, ethical and highly professional with a well trained eyed for detail are all words that fall short when describing Karen's performance as an event planner. I have had the pleasure of working with Karen during the past ten years, and would not hesitate to recommend her for any event project, be it an intimate gathering or a large full service convention. Karen gets my vote with two thumbs up!
Betsy Thomas Rutland, Lee Wayne

From the negotiations of the hotel, site visit, to the gala dinner event was top notch. All events went off great from the VIP Dinners to NASCAR, just excellent, awesome. You were more than accommodating, working very closely with the Cyberwize staff, available on a moment's notice. I would definitely recommend All That & More to anyone or to a company looking to put on a top-notch event. I have never worked with a company that was so professional, as well as accommodating. My hats off to you. Excellent Job!
Melessa Ronner, Executive Assistant VP of

"All That & More" delivers exactly that. With her incredible enthusiasm and years of experience, Karen Segee brings both creative ideas and cost savings to our meetings and events.
Renee Natvig

Though Absolutely Avalon is only a one day event, it takes months of preparation and planning to bring it all together. After 3 years of art themed festivals, Absolutely Avalon for 2005 provided a new aspect which made it more successful than any year prior. All That & More was able to bring in several community entertainment groups and after school programs to really make the event a community festival. Also on hand were several charity groups and local cultural venues to help provide a strong sense of community for all of East Orlando. All That & More provided over 40 artists from around the country to display their art for those who still enjoyed the artsy side and wanted to stroll, enjoy, and buy. The turn out for Absolutely Avalon was fantastic with over 7,000 attendees, and even a few raindrops didn’t dampen the spirits of all those who attended. The food vendors brought in an array of fun foods, and the local restaurants prepared items varying from Italian, Mexican, and traditional American foods for visitors to sample. All That & More Special Events brought to Avalon a complete festival package that was reasonably priced and professionally executed. As a Marketing Director, I rely on other professionals to execute within fields that they excel in allowing me to focus on my primary duties. All That & More allowed me the freedom to pursue other critical items and provided me the comfort knowing that every detail was thought out, that each vendor and ultimately every attendee would have a fun and fulfilling experience while attending Absolutely Avalon. My sincerest thanks to All That & More for an incredible event that people will continue talking about for months to come, and will become part of the fabric of the East Orlando Community.
Katheryne Pelak, Director of Marketing, Avalon Associates

ATM SPECIAL EVENTS: Superb full meeting management and on-site assistance for a recent meeting for client (Global Publishing) at the Sheraton World Resort in Orlando. We would use Karen and her team again in a heartbeat!
Paul O. Steen, National Accounts Manage, HELMSBRISCOE

Karen Segee has produced everything from world-class events for me from the grand opening of Pat O'Brien's at CityWalk to a personal party in my home for a hundred friends. In every detail and every communication, she has been on target and a true joy. She is one smart cookie and a lot of fun!
Kim Hawk, Former Marketing Director of Universal Studios CityWalk

To say that I was pleased with 2005 Managers' Conclave held here in Orlando would be a gross understatement. Your professionalism and attention to detail was truly evident throughout the entire 3 days. My staff and I really had nothing to do other than be great hosts and enjoy the event as much as the people attending. Once we verbalized our desires and placed them in your capable hands, everything from then on was on autopilot from our standpoint. The guests raved about the food, accommodations, and the entertainment you and your wonderful team arranged for their enjoyment. From a business standpoint, I especially was impressed with how you adhered to our budget and let us know constantly how our funds were being allocated.

Congratulations for your exemplary work and making our division here in Florida look so good to our coworkers from around the country. I know the bar has, indeed, been raised for all future meetings
John E. Baumann, District Manage, National Revenue Corporation

Karen helped me plan my wedding from start to finish. She was amazing and made the entire process a piece of cake. I never had to worry about anything because Karen was right there to explain how this process worked from start to finish. When my big day came, it went so smoothly and perfectly that I cannot even think of one thing that went wrong. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we would never have been able to plan such an amazing wedding without Karen's help. I would recommend her and her company to anyone!
Savannah and Brenton Thai

AT&M Special Events was wonderful! Karen helped my fiancé and me plan our whole wedding. I was very comfortable not worrying about anything! She assured me that everything would be go smoothly! Despite the three rain storms on an outside wedding, she helped my wedding party and me to remain calm. My wedding turned out to be beautiful, and everyone had a wonderful time! I trust her with all of my heart. The pictures are awesome; she recommended a great photographer!
Brandi and Doug Brunk

Outrageous, completely phenomenal and beyond our imagination, AT&M Special Events pulled off our event on a moment's notice and completely perfect!
Edision H. Kimsey

I would recommend AT&M to anyone planning any size event for one important reason. That is when you hire AT&M you receive personal attention from the owner Karen Segee. Karen takes pride in making sure each client is satisfied throughout the entire process. She also has artistic ideas to make your event unique and memorable. That is why I chose AT&M to plan my event of 1,000 people next year.
John Nebel, Owner Strictly Graphics

Working with All That & More has been a wonderful experience! Not only does it give me insight to how the convention and catering business works; they have also helped me put on events that I will remember for a lifetime!
Pri Martins, UCF Pi Beta Phi

I trust AT&M Special Events to execute each event with flawless precision and enthusiasm to make it a success for Watson Realty.
Patricia Holley, CRA, Watson Realty

We had a wedding for 330 people. Karen was a pivotal part of making that event fabulous. I have had several people tell me that it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to. Karen helped make the event perfect and she assisted with every little detail working up to the event ensuring that we were not missing any elements. She was able to save us lots of money as well, based on her industry contacts and her ability to negotiate bids. Thank you, Karen, for making our special day extra special!
Robyn Hamilton

Four weeks out from a large convention, the company responsible for planning the annual sales conference for a network marketing company had a conflict with the client and quit. As a consultant to the company with experience as a speaker and planning meetings and events, I was asked to assist in helping to save the conference…what to do? The answer was simple. Call Karen Segee with AT&M Special Events. So I did. I called Karen with AT&M Special Events and explained what had happened. She and her team went to work immediately, finding resources, entertainment, dealing with VIP transportation, VIP dinners, bus transportation for a trip to the corporate headquarters. The more things changed…the calmer Karen became. The numbers grew…so did Karen's ability to handle the changes and challenges. The client was demanding…Karen performed. No matter what was asked of Karen, she made it happen. It seemed like she was everywhere. One of the VIP’s called at 1 a.m. in the morning and wanted to take his group on a tour the following morning and wanted airboat rides…call Karen…wake her up…ten minutes later, a limo was secured and so were the airboat rides…the story continues, the list goes on, the successes continue… to ultimate and complete success. Had it not been for Karen and her vast resources, knowledge of the industry, and her ability to get things done, this huge success would surely have been a disaster and failure. So, if you’re looking for an event planner who has all the resources to ensure success, can make things happen no matter what, and whose philosophy is “The answer is yes, now what’s the question…I recommend you hire Karen Segee and AT&M for guaranteed event success.
Scott L.Vogel, Guest/Marketing

In addition to her efficiency and attention to detail, Karen has always consistently provided tremendous cost savings even for an organization the size of Pepsi.
Steve Albert

You are a phenomenal director! Thank you so much for assisting and coordinating our event these past few years. Your professional guidance and support with the numerous and different organizations which compose our event made our gala a success! The personal consultation and informative pre-event input allowed us the necessary tools to create a well-organized, smooth-flowing event. Having you take charge made a tremendous difference in both the energy in the room and the volunteers from each of the charities. Please feel free to use my name as a reference for your future clients. Karen: you are great!
Tom Linger,

Karen Segee, president of "All That & More," taught us so much about party planning when she recently gave a presentation to our women's club. A few of her tips included:

  • Hints for table decorations which are low cost & practical, yet very dramatic
  • Napkin folding ideas - the best napkins to use, 12 design options, and the suggestion to teach our children (or other family members) to do that special project
  • Suggestions for theme parties
  • Tips on table manners

Karen's presentation was well organized, humorous, and very informative.
Betsy Dasse